Zenfolio | Barrett Images | Boudoir FAQ

Can I bring a friend with me? 

Of course! We encourage you to bring a female friend along for support, fun and security. 

Will you sell me the digital files? 

No. This rule is in place to protect YOU. Digital files can easily find their way online and to other computers. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, so to protect you we will not sell digital files.

How many outfits am I allowed?

Honestly - we are here to have fun, so the more the merrier! Just remember you only have a certain amount of time for your session, so we suggest you pick your favorites - and mix it up a little bit. 3-5 is our average.

Do you have suggestions on what I should wear? 

I am asked this question so often! Yes, I do have some tips for you. Click here for my pdf! 

Do I have to get professional hair and make-up done?

Have to? No. We will not force you to do anything. We are here to have a great time and watch you walk away feeling like a million bucks! 

I do SUGGEST having professional hair and make-up done though. It starts you off with a little bit of pampering, so you will already be feeling fabulous when you walk into our studio. Plus, professionals know how to make your skin glisten just right, without taking away from the rest of the image.

Is alcohol permitted before or during my session?

No. We want you to feel relaxed, but let's be honest... nobody looks good with a few drinks in them. It start to affect your skin tone, facial expressions and body language - making for not as flattering images. 

How long does it take to get my photos?

You will get to review your images with Ashley immediately following your portrait session! We will go through all of the unedited images together. You will choose your favorites - as well as which images you would like to include in your album, as prints, and as wall art. These images will then be fully edited prior to printing through our professional labs. Our product menu can be viewed here.

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